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Progress to completion photos of Morrigan Gown

So the past two months have been extremely busy, I haven't posted much as a result but I basically spent the entirety of the time working on cosplay non stop. I don't think its really necessary to do tutorials for the things I made in that time, they're pretty straightforward but if anyone is curious… Continue reading Progress to completion photos of Morrigan Gown

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Burlesque / Cabaret Harley Quinn

July/August 2014 This cosplay was actually made for Oc Comicon Sydney 2014 but unfortunately after making it I ended up not being able to go. So I haven't actually got any professional or good quality shots of this finished costume however I have a shoot planned for this costume super soon. Edit:Β I think its safe… Continue reading Burlesque / Cabaret Harley Quinn

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Insurgency Harley Quinn Cosplay

Β May 2014 This was a very small budget and last minute cosplay. Β I decided about three weeks before the convention to make it (WHAT A GREAT IDEA, Nah). Unfortunately I haven't really got any WIP photos except for the hammer and my make up test. Β  The Hammer I plan on making a tutorial on… Continue reading Insurgency Harley Quinn Cosplay