Planned Costumes + Projects

Costumes I would consider doing in the future.
More will be added in time!
I consider live action designs costumes, and anime / gaming designs cosplay.


wings2Titanic 12

Breathe Dress: Ever After // Jump dress: Titanic //

 Masquerade Dress: Phantom of the Opera // White Queen: Alice in Wonderland 

cinderella_022 eowyn-and-eowyns-shieldmaiden-dress-gallery

Cinderella ‘peasant’: Cinderella // Shieldmaiden dress Eowyn: Lord of the rings 

0Arwengreen 1d7dfe884db50002cc1a71260ffa5595

Arwen ‘Coronation’: Lord of the rings // Blood Red: Lord of the rings //


Chase: Lord of the Rings // Galadriel: Lord of the rings

  111 ddddd

Swim dress: Titanic // Maleficent //

tumblr_nh7vhn2okg1smvbl9o1_1280 large

Tauriel: The Hobbit// Lagertha: Vikings


Fairy Godmother: Cinderella 2015


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