My Creations


~ 2017 ~


(The Hobbit)
This was my second Tauriel build after wearing her at Sydnova in 2016. I re-made the coat completely (this actually being coat no.3), changed the leggings and boots, re-made the daggers however I did run out of time so I re-wore the bodice and bracers.
I curled the wig and opted for more suitable ears too. 


Pike Trickfoot
(Critical Role)
This was for a Critical Role group meet up at Sydnova, and It was extremely last minute! I made the under tunic in one night, the tights I borrowed, the boots I had already, the mace was a fine gift from my dear friend Stephen (check out his work here!) and the armor was so kindly made in ONE DAY whilst heavily hungover by both Stephen and Annalise.



(Own Design, based off Dragon Age lore)
This was originally for a Dragon Age elven pantheon group, Ghilan’nain was the elven goddess of the Halla (you can read her little tale here, its beautiful). I upcycled an old wedding dress from the thrift store for this costume! I used the Ghilan’nain vallaslin in my beadwork on the cincher and incorporated the halla horn style into the headpiece. There were originally plans for leg and arm armor however life got in the way and I ran out of time!

Worn: June 2017, Sydney Supanova

Photo by Thomas Collins @ Magic Missile Studios




Pink Fairy
(Own Design)
I was asked to do some face painting at a local fair so I decided to put in a little extra effort and make a fairy costume to add a little magic. Made entirely from secondhand materials and scraps. 

Minstrel Maiden
(Own Design)
This was a very last minute and sudden costume, but also not sewn at all. all of the pieces were gifts, even the wig! 

Photography by Kendra Morgan Photography


(The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)

(Vikings, Season 1)
I made this cosplay in honor of my favourite vikings shield maiden when I heard that Travis Fimmel (who plays Ragnar Lothbrok) was attending Supanova that year (he held my axe!).

Lothlorien Elf
(Own Design)
“An elf design based upon my favourite and fairest of the elven realms in Tolkien writings, Lothlorien. I had images of a gown in shimmery silver, long white tresses and a jewelled headpiece”

Inquisitor Trevelyan
(Dragon Age Inquisition)
This cosplay was just my Lavellan Inquisitor cosplay fixed up a little and a few added pieces for a Dragon Age location photoshoot!

Marian Hawke
(Dragon Age 2)

~ 2015 ~

Inquisitor Lavellan
(Dragon Age Inquisition)

Photo by Mumei

(Dragon Age 2)

Photo by Cosplay Australia

Grey Warden! Bethany Hawke
(Dragon Age 2)

Photo by Byte Size Photography (wonderful people!)

Morrigan ! Halamshiral
(Dragon Age Inquisition)

Photo by Mumei

(Dragon Age Origins)

Photo by Roaming Photography

For Others

Cole (Dragon Age Inquisition)

No posts on this project

Blackwall (Dragon Age Inquisition)

No posts on this project

Carver (Dragon Age Inquisition)

No posts on this project

~ 2014 ~

Burlesque Harley Quinn

(Own Design)

Posts on this project

Insurgency Harley Quinn

No posts on this project

(Message me on my Tumblr or Facebook if you have questions!)

Waterloo Miss Fortune (League of Legends)

No posts on this project

(Message me on my Tumblr or Facebook if you have questions!)

~ 2013 ~

Merida (Brave)

No posts on this project, see 2016 version!

White Faun (Own Design)

No posts on this project

Naruto Genderbend (Own Design)

No posts on this project

Sakura (Naruto)

No posts on this project


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