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Ghilan’nain Cosplay Write Up

So i keep coming back and straying from this blog. Terrible at committing to it really. However Sydnova has now come and gone and I'm left with brand new projects to start so I am vowing to myself that I'll write about these past three costumes before I begin! (side glance at the half finished… Continue reading Ghilan’nain Cosplay Write Up

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Triss Merigold Make Up Test

I actually have been promising a Triss Merigold cosplay to a number of friends for over a year now, I did a make up test back in December that I thought I might share with you all.. I am relatively happy with it, I want to buy an actual wig rather than the messily styled… Continue reading Triss Merigold Make Up Test

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Morrigan Concept Blog #1: Costume Pieces and Production Planning

Hi there! So my current cosplay project at the moment is Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins / 2. Being honest, Morrigan was not my favourite character in Dragon Age, In fact, I really wasn't a big fan of her 'tude. I know, That makes me a little lame but I will admit she was a… Continue reading Morrigan Concept Blog #1: Costume Pieces and Production Planning

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Waterloo Miss Fortune Cosplay (League of Legends)

This cosplay was made in June 2014 March 2014Β  I made this cosplay for Supanova Sydney 2013, It was probably the first thing I had sewn for myself since starting my sewing course this year and you can definitely tell the difference from previous costumes and this one. WIP Photos. The Jacket I used Simplicity… Continue reading Waterloo Miss Fortune Cosplay (League of Legends)