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Triss Merigold Make Up Test

I actually have been promising a Triss Merigold cosplay to a number of friends for over a year now, I did a make up test back in December that I thought I might share with you all..

15439842_140349699781858_4619094803079378192_n15492180_140349643115197_6973218311079564239_n (1)15220237_140349329781895_6905336229439134270_n15390683_140344229782405_9192760107569229191_n

I am relatively happy with it, I want to buy an actual wig rather than the messily styled Merida one I used here.
Also some more intensely green contact lenses than my own eyes, and actually use some lip liner to overdraw where it needs it!
Any thoughts?





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