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Mass Effect M-77 Paladin Cosplay Tutorial

Greetings friends!

Even though I probably made this nearing on a month ago now,

Ive been so crammed with job searching / interviews  and more crafting to even sit down and write

So the very first thing I did was watch a bunch of youtube tutorials, one of which actually provided the templates for the M-77 Paladin which I evidently used!

However, i did alter the template slightly to be printable and had to mess about with sizing A LOT to get it all to fit properly.

The 3 layers of templates layered appropriately!

I then cut out 1 pair of each outer template in 3mm craft foam

and one pair of the middle /center template in gym flooring (quite thick!)

Then i used hot glue (please wear a face mask!) to glue the layers onto each other

I tried to dremel the ugly outer edge as it looked like the sandwiched foam it was, with no avail.

Instead, i cut out a long strip of 3mm craft foam and glued it over the top, dremelling the edges.

The next step was priming to oblivion! I suspect I used around 3 layers of wood glue for my own Paladin, any more and i think it would warp the edges !

After letting it dry completely (!) I spray painted the entire thing black

Not having any white spray paint I ended up painting the white by hand which took many many coats to become opaque… I recommend just spray painting it to avoid this, i have brush strokes i can see close up which i hate.

(I also glued some rivets onto it, dabbing a spot of white paint over the black to give a button like effect)

The details took a couple of hours !!! make sure you have an incredibly tiny paintbrush to do this or you’ll become so frustrated. Alternatively I could have gone through the process to spray them on but I just preferred hand painting.

I hope this helped !

I’ve got a number of projects I’m working on at the moment so I’m a little hesitant to blog about those until I’ve finished Tali.. however that might not be until June so I may have to !


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