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Simplicity 1550, Amy Brown Fantasy Costumes


After an incredibly long period of time, I’ve returned!  However you may have noticed the change in platform… and then back again

I chose to move my blog over to Blogspot from WordPress after having some issues with the notifications / responding to comments / various other things. however after a month of using Blogspot I’ve found wordpress did suit me better after all.
I apologise profoundly for any confusion in the past months because of this!!


This week I did finally get around to using one of the Amy Brown faerie patterns (Simplicity 1550)

I made the option B corset, with no other alterations other than adding boning.

I used Icon Satin from Spotlight in a beautiful, almost acid(?) green along with some gold trim (unfortunately I cannot tell you its origin as I bought it from a thrift store).

The interior of the corset I used a thick upholstery grade calico and cotton drill.

A neat little trick I adopted from Jen at Soylent Cosplay was to use Worbla / thermoplastic strips instead of plastic boning, I’m not sure its the most cost effective method but when you’re rural and out of plastic boning it works just as well.

I wish the colour of the fabric showed up as well as it does in person.

I was a bit lazy with the finishing touches, instead of turning the lower edges into each other and neatly stitching it closed or just using binding, i just over locked, tucked it under and top stitched which i don’t recommend!!!


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