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Grey Warden Bethany Hawke Cosplay Tutorial


Hello hello, its been an awful long while and I’ve suffered many questions regarding the making of this particular costume in the past couple of months so I believe it is finally time to divulge into how I went about it.

This costume I made for PAX AUS 2015 back in October last year (has it been that long already?). I was included in a group along with 50 or so other Dragon Age enthusiasts for a meet up (I encourage, no, insist everyone who cosplays to organize a meet up in the months beforehand. Its a super safe and wonderful way to make friends in the cosplay community you’ll have forever.) 


Now, onto the making of!



  • First thing I did was use a regular blouse pattern – you can use one similar to this one – and sewed it up in a cheap calico (or just cut it out in paper and tape it together); then just marked out how long i wanted it to be. I wanted it just at the decolletage line and basically where my bra closure was on the back.
  • I then cut out the fabric and marked where I wanted my quilting to be. I chose about 4cm x 4cm squares.
  • Sandwiching my wadding between my base fabric, I machine sewed the edges so they wouldnt move when I did my quilting.
  • After it was sewed on the edges I then sewed the quilting.
  • Then it was time to sew the pieces together as usual.
  • Once it was all together, I hemmed the bottom and the sleeves.
  • Now its time for the studs! I believe I might’ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy when I went about this part – it is quite time consuming!
  • the final pieces are the leather buckle closures, I just cut out two leather strips, folded over the edges and top stitched then fed the end through the buckle and stitched it on. just put the other strap on the other side, use a stiletto (of the sewing variety) to make a hole and you have a buckle closure!
  • tadaaaa! the bolero is done!


Tabard (and Scales):

  • I used the same method as my Merrill tabard, I taped some paper together, drew up the shape i wanted, cut out a neckline and threw it over my head. (same as with the merrill, I suggest making it thinner in the waist and wider in the hips rather than just a rectangle so it flatters your shape – yes even guys too!)
  • after being happy with the design, I cut it out in the paper and then again in the fabric. I didnt use any wadding for the tabard as not to look to bulky with the wadded jacket. it is lined however.
  • simply sewing the edges right side together i then flipped it right side out through the neckline, folded the neckline inwards and handsewed the edge closed.
  • now onto the scales!
  • I used 2mm craft foam for the scales. I probably cut out about 1000 minimum to cover the front and back pieces. I stapled them together and then spray primed and painted them.
  • I recommend using some watered down black paint to age them and give them definition
  • then I hand sewed the edges of the scale lengths to a strip of blue tulle. then I sewed the edge of the tulle to the tabard.
  • and you have scales!


Thats all the mentionable making of I really have of this costume! If I didn’t describe an aspect of this costume you were particularly interested in, just flick me an ask on my tumblr and I’ll likely answer it within the day!



Hawke is Soylent Cosplay



1 thought on “Grey Warden Bethany Hawke Cosplay Tutorial”

  1. I’ve been trying to make this costume for a while now and I just can’t figure out how you made the tabard. I’ve never used a sewing machine in my life haha so I’m learning as I go along. It would be soo much easier to make this costume if there was a video of how you made it showing step by step or even pictures.


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