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Merrill Cosplay Write Up

Hey Hey! So I made this costume roughly in about two months, for PAX AUS 2015. It was super comfortable to wear in contrast to my other cosplay with heels, and lots of fun just in character. I do recommend a flower crown for extra dalish cuteness, mine was provided by the lovely Scarlet Moth Cosplay.

EDIT: I’ve since also worn this costume to GoldCoast Supanova in April 2016, I made some slight changes – you can ask me about those HERE. mainly to do with the vambraces and scarf.


– I drew up a rough design just on paper, held it to myself (you can use a mannequin too!)  and then drew where I wanted it to be smaller or wider then added that on when I made up the final pattern.  (I recommend making it slightly thinner in the waist, and wider in the hips. I don’t think the majority of people possess the tiny frames of our Dragon Age elves, so do take into account that our bodies are different in person than in a game! that requires changing an aspect or two of the design to make it flattering)
– I made the rings from plastic curtain rings I spray primed and then spray painted, the straps were just fed through and sewn on!
– The fabrics I used were cotton drill and poplin (poplin for the stripes, no need for anything expensive for such a small feature!) ,



  • I used (quite expensive) faux fur and cut out two rectangles by eyeballing it, leaving two little ‘straps’ on the bottom section to sew the rings and front tabard to.
  • 111
  • then cut out two triangles (after holding it up to your arm and figuring out where its bubbling / gapping) and sew the remaining edges back together. you can skip this step altogether if you arent having any gapping issues.
  • I then hand sewed (you can use a machine) the edges under and the rings to the straps.
  • After that I sewed a small piece of elastic connecting to the two lower rings.
  • 1112
  • then measure out against yourself a piece of elastic from the front of the tabard to the back over your shoulder (its easier to use a piece of yarn or string for this by tying different length pieces to the front and back and trying it on)
  • sew the elastic to the two rings on the front and back of the tabard
  • then just sew the top edge of the fur to the shoulder elastic strap.
  • tadaaaa!!! completed. (This was insanely hard to describe, please send me an ask on my tumblr if i didn’t describe this well enough)
  • (you can weather and age the fur as much as you wish, i just got some water paint and hair spray and went crazy, hence why i bought inexpensive fur)

Under suit / chainmail suit 
note: if you’re going to make this suit I recommend working out / drawing up where you’re placing the holes onto the pattern rather than making it up and then cutting out wherever when its done. I wish Id been a little smarter about it.

  • I used ‘Kwik Sew 3052’ , as far as I know this is now out of print though I’m sure you can find one second hand online.
  • The fabric I used I actually ordered from Spoonflower and it was design 923515 ‘chainmail for larpers, medieval fairs or plays’
  • I used “Modern Jersey” but I warn you, it very nearly didnt fit me though that may have been a measuring mistake on my part. Just know its not a very forgiving pattern.
  • I sewed it up following the instructions
  • i then put it on, and pinned where I wanted the holes to be
  • It helps to get a friend to do this, I had my partner cut the holes for me when I was wearing it, that way i could see how large or small they were when it was stretched across my body.

Leg Bracers / Arm Bracers:
– I drew up the design I wanted on a piece of paper, I wanted my criss cross pattern to have some space between each piece, and then be sewn on to make it look a little more rustic.
– I then cut out those pieces in 2mm craft foam, primed and painted them.
– the base of both the leg and arm bracers i drew up in paper and did the same as with the tabard , just adding and removing width until i was happy, and then marked in where I wanted the straps to join
–  from there I basically just hand sewed each piece on!

The wig is Arda Wig’s  ‘Lulu’ in ‘Natural Black’
The ears are Aradani Studio’s ‘Nomad’ in ‘Light painted’
The contacts are Pinky Paradise’s ‘Dolly eye green


12191606_10206678272947706_3533477440763907365_n12193503_10207602894692327_4813739496397870917_n CSm3_zmUcAE9Viz

If I didnt answer something to do with this costume that you’d like to know, feel free to send me an ask on my Tumblr! Ill get to it as soon as I can


1 thought on “Merrill Cosplay Write Up”

  1. Hello, might I ask for a more detailed explaination on how you made the pauldrons? I am trying to make them currently and I can’t figure out how you did them at all. Thank you!


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