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Progress to completion photos of Morrigan Gown


So the past two months have been extremely busy, I haven’t posted much as a result but I basically spent the entirety of the time working on cosplay non stop.

I don’t think its really necessary to do tutorials for the things I made in that time, they’re pretty straightforward but if anyone is curious as to how i made something just flick an ask my way on my tumblr blog. Ill be happy to explain!

DSCN1082 sadajdha

The Breastplate
I made two versions of this.
The first i made before the corset, which then ended up being waaay too short and i was just generally unhappy with it. *cries from worbla wastage*
The second I made excessively long which i ended up trimming down a little, and even then I cant actually sit when i wear it. Cosplay dedication at its finest.

Its made from yoga mat (eva foam) thinner is better! and then its mounted with a flat layer of worbla, then i cut out each of the little ‘scales’ and added them on top. I also added four ‘loops’ one either side of the bust and another either side of the waist. That way I can just tie it onto my body.

Now if you are going to make this following that technique, I reaalllyy recommend adding a lining because when i wore it at the convention it became very hot and gross against my skin. *disgusted noise*
You can probably also get away without having to put that first layer of worbla down, but i felt it made it more durable and sturdy.

The breastplate has also earned itself a nickname; the corn penis. ย the picture below explains why.

ksadfkasdfas - Copy

The Blouse
This was pretty simple, i kind of wish I made it wider in the neckline looking back, but that is up to you.
I made a regular top, figured out how much i wished to take out of the center to make the part by holding the breastplate against it and seeing where it ended (leaving at least 4cm either side of the breastplate edge)
I then made bishopย sleeves, adding a cuff. you can find tutorials pretty easily on how to alter patterns to do that online.


I then added dots of velcro which i hand sewed and matched to the breastplate, this way the fabric wouldnt move and reveal underneath where it shouldnt, it would also hold the breastplate still.
I also added gold trim next to the lace.

The Corset
The corset was pretty straightforward. I just used a simplicity or butterwick historical corset pattern, then made a mock up of it with old fabrics, drew where i wanted to lower and extend it and then made another mock up to test it.
Once i was happy i made it out of really thin corduroy (my machine doesnt take leather) and then put all of the eyelets and rivets in. one.. by.. one..

11426775_576824395791414_4630987905708608035_o (1)


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