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Morrigan Gown Progress: Dragon Age Inquisition

So It’s been about a month since I really posted much about anything Morrigan!
(I was too preoccupied with life to actually blog of what ive been doing)

But basically I’ve since finished the skirt of the ballgown, and am preparing to begin on the corset and blouse top.

Here are some photos


This was taken when the skirt was merely pinned together, I hated the shape of the silhouette it gave, hence the red drawings.
I decided the only way to give my skirt the shape I wanted was to sew my crinoline thinner. I did this by hand sewing the front to the back at the width I wanted. This leaves string horizontally on the inner sides of my hoop skirt, but it does the trick!
I also, still not happy with the shape, decided to make a bum roll. These were used very often in history, mostly in the Baroque, Georgian and Victorian periods, when women were desiring a larger ‘rump’.


The skirt from the side, with the hoop skirt sewn inward, and the bumroll also attached.


And a front view of the completed skirt.

aklhglskghlaskfhgsa asdfafsasaaga

The necklace only took me about 3 hours (not including paint drying)
I used Chrisx’s wonderful tutorial which you can check out here



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