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Morrigan: Dragon Age Origins Skirt Tutorial


Unfortunately I didn’t take too many WIP photos for this part of the project, Ill try and explain as best I can however.

Basically I measured my hip measurement and then the length I wanted the base skirt to be.

I then drew out a large rectangle by those measurements (longer at the back) making it a little bit longer for the front pieces to over lap.
I then cut it out in the vinyl / leather Making sure the back was at the center. (front opening)

I then held it up to myself and worked out where I wanted the two back seams. (refer to this image)
I then cut those two lines I drew for placement, and sewed them back together again.
(I did this because there was a lot of gappiness from the rectangle pattern I used, so this helped with the fitting.)

For the front I sewed two snap clips into the overlapping sections.

The belts were really easy, just incredibly time consuming. I drew straight onto the back of the vinyl the shape and length I wanted for each one, and cut it out on the fold (so i had two of the same pieces). I then super glued the edges together and put around 4 or 5 eyelets in each one.
I then would super glue the belt to the skirt.
This was a lot more sturdy than you’d imagine.

I used white top stitching thread to sew the white detailing into the skirt.
The Belt

The belt I just measured how long I wanted it to be around my body (the large section)
and then drew up a general shape onto the vinyl. I cut it out twice and hand sewed around it with black thread.
Once I’d done that I cut my white fur trim into a long thin strip (I used the same trim they use for santa costumes), and sandwiched it between the seam allowance i left from hand sewing earlier.
I then used white top stitching thread (really thick) and hand sewed around it again.

Then I measured how much more vinyl I’d need to make it close, drew out the thin strip on vinyl and cut it out twice. Stitched it together and then stitched one side to the back end of the large belt section.
The two front sections I hand sewed a snap clip to.

Viola, Done!

(I also did some aging with water colour paints and charcoal afterward)



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