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Morrigan; Dragon Age Origins Cowl Tutorial

The Cowl

Firstly I followed THIS tutorial on how to make a draped cowl neckline.

Now when I did this, I followed their instructions of lowering the neck line 3-5 inches, ignoring what I actually wanted for my own project.
This resulted in Image 1 & 2 <——-

For the 3rd and 4th Images, I ended up lowering the neckline a further 13 – 14 inches, this I was far happier with.

I used this tutorial for the hood pattern
I just attached it to the top pieces of the cowl, pretty straightforward.

After lining the cowl,
I decided that I wasn’t happy with the colour choice at all, but i didnt want to have to remake the entire thing – so I dyed it.
(see below)


I used iPoly dye in Magenta to get the colour I wanted. Because the purple original fabric was quite dark and heavy, I opted for Magenta over the accurate dark red as it would have come out too dark on the already darkly dyed fabric.

After finally dying it, I still wasnt happy with the fit. So I unpicked the top sections that the hood was attached to and cut it down about 5cm, so it would be more flattering on me.

(See bottom of top picture for end result)



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