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Cosplay Update!

So its been a little while since ive done anything major, still has. however I’ve been very slowly doing little bits and pieces for upcoming costumes.

My contact lenses for Morrigan arrived!
They are from Honey Color and are the ‘Yellow Eclipse Halloween Lens”Β 

Enjoy a no make up / creepy stare selfie


I started piecing together the fabric for Coles pants
I’m using a brown corduroy rather than pleather as pleather doesn’t sit as nicely with such articulation.

I began pattern making my Morrigan gown at long last!
Its my first time doing a ballgown so its very rough (hence the abnormal length which ill have to deal with) at the moment.
But basically the paper pattern in the center will be a wine or dark red taffeta i might add some embellishment to, and the calico pieces in the photo will be black velvet.




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