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Morrigan Gown Brooch,

Hello again! A long time it has been since my last post. I’ve been procrastinating and avoiding making things since my little holiday over a month ago – its been very difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, at long last I produced something note worthy – Morrigans brooch!
Its not quite the same design due to the crumblyness of the clay I used unfortunately but I’m still happy with it for now. I Might remake it with worbla if I have time and reason.

dfhs 2499484-dragon_age_inquisition_morrigan_e3_2013

I basically just sculpted the shape, waited for it to dry before base painting it black then the final coat, dry brushing with gold paint. I then super glued the feathers (coloured rooster feathers from ebay!) onto the back at the top and then covered the back with some faux suede. I still have to put the clip in but its very likely ill just safety pin it on.



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