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More Morrigan progress!

I’ve been busily working away at my Morrigan skirt!
Making oodles of impractical ‘belts’ and such, taking quite a bit of my time.

But here is where I am up to!

This was taken while i was working away at the belts.
I cut out a belt shape while the vinyl was folded, and then hand sewed and eventually superglued (I became lazy very quickly), the two sides together. then put the eyelets in!


DSCN0262 Morrigan

Obviously still needs A LOT more work. (White x stitches, Lining on the base belts,, weathering, fur trims, the actual waist belt etc) but I am happy with how its coming along!

It doesnt look like it fits very nicely on the mannequin, but it fits me fine! xx


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