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Morrigan Necklace COMPLETE

You can see part one of this tutorial HERE, 

Hello Hello!
So after a two week break, I’m finally back into the cosplay making process.
Here is my latest completed piece: Morrigans necklace WITH the white beads.

DSCN0257 fffff tumblr_njc7ftSXjS1s1agp0o1_500

I’m a little disappointed with myself for making them quite noticeably more low cut than the actual costume has, but its super glued now so i cant exactly change it.

I ended up making flat disc type shapes out of air dry clay ($4 p/kg at Hot Dollar if in Australia), and then I used a left over vinyl leather strip to super glue them to.
I am concerned about them falling off though but its hard to give real feedback about quality without having worn it about a con for 8+ hours.

So s


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