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Morrigan Cowl + Dying Fabric

So It’s been a little while, but I have been working away at the slowest and most tedious parts of these cosplays in order to get these particular aspects out of the way.

The only thing I can officially say is complete in my Morrigan Cosplay (apart from the staff)Β is the cowl!

I know I previously said it was complete, however since then I decided the colour was far too purple and inaccurate as well as the fit.
I altered the neckline so that my navel does not appear if I put on the hood, and its now a far nicer crimson colour almost on point accurate to the game play.

(The fabric was still wet in the photo,)

The cowl when it dried!
(And my unfinished necklace, which i shall make an entire post dedicated to when its complete)

I used iDye Poly in Red,

All in all, I’m far happier with it. I feel a lot more excited about the cosplay than the doubts i had beforehand.


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