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Morrigan Cowl + Staff Progress

So after 800 years of not posting much, I’ve decided to do an update blog.
I have been busy with visiting my parents for almost a months and starting on a Vel Koz headpiece which I shall make a post about another time when its nearer to finished!

Basically the last point of my Morrigan cowl I was up to was that I was about to line it.
Since then I’ve both lined it, put eyelets in the back and laced it meaning its about 99.9% finished! All I have planned for it now is to do a slight red dye, as I find the colour a little too purple.
aaaa DSCN0106aaa

Reference of colour
(Left: Morrigan in DAI, Right: Morrigan in DAO)
MorriganInquisition Morrigan's_Robes

Essentially, i was basically finished in my whole tutorial post, however after a massive heatwave we had, I found the masking tape base I had used started peeling! So I had to hot glue it back down again, retouch up the paint. While fixing it I decided to add some gloss (not pictured) basically to make it look a little sappy and add some more texture due to there actually being a little shininess on trees after being peeled back a little! I also added some red wool which I deconstructed after putting it in boiling water and ripping at it with a pin.Β 
DSCN0093 DSCN0094

Reference Images for wool/red twine


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