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Current Projects: AKA Things I haven’t finished

Hello again,
I thought I’d make a post on why I’m so inactive lately in regards to projects.
Basically the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of starting projects, but not necessarily finishing them. So I thought I’d share a glimpse of what I hope to complete before starting any new cosplays for myself.

Unfinished List:
– Morrigan: DA:O/DA:I
– Formal Attire; DA:I
– Tartan Jackets x2: Personal
– 1800s Stay
Not Started List:
– Humanoid Vel Koz
– Cole: DA:I


Morrigan: Dragon Age Origins / Inquisition
Although I only started this one a little while ago (a couple weeks really) And I’ve finished most of it except for the leather/belt skirt which I can smell will be expensive hence why its on hold. I plan for this one to be worn in June so in the next 6 months this will definitely be done.
Formal Attire: Dragon Age Inquistion
I only started this as a side project a few days ago, its not for a con or anything. Its just a costume/jacket for my partner. I’m halfway through pattern making it.
This is just going to be something I work on when I get tired of one of the other larger projects.

Tartan Jackets x2:Β 
I’ve cut out the pattern for one jacket so far and I’m about halfway through making it. These are jackets for myself and a friend as enormous Outlander fans and also Scotland obsessed (I have ancestry there myself).

1800s Stay:Β 
I only have to bias bind around the outer edge and get some cording for the lacing and its complete. I started this to do a practice type project for boning as I’ve never used it before, It was pretty successful!


Humanoid Vel Koz: League of Legends
I’m making this cosplay for my roommate to wear in June. Its planned to be a mascot like head which is something I’ve never tackled before so that is why I havent yet started it – because I’m still working out how I’m going to go about it.
He’s basically going to have this huge mascot head while he is wearing a black morphsuit, then there are going to be the tentacles that are stuffed and the two that his actual arms go into.
Cole: Dragon Age Inquisition
This cosplay is for my boyfriend to wear in June also. However this may change because he hasnt quite worked out whether he is doing Dorian or Cole but I have a feeling he’s going to end up doing Cole.


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