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Morrigan Progress Diary #3 Staff Tutorial

Hi again fellow cosplayers and enthusiasts!
So over the past few days I have been juggling playing Dragon Age Inquisition and continuing on with the progress of my Morrigan cosplay. This post is all about the staff!

PART ONE: The Base Staff

  • So the base of my staff is the metal handle of a broom (Which I decided was too short), hot glued to the inside of an excessively long cardboard tube (I went to my closest fabric store and asked for one they didnt need).
  • I wrapped wire around the top section of the staff leaving long bits at the top to then become large branches.
  • I then hot glued strips of yoga mat to the wire then covered those in masking tape ready to paper mache.

IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0140IMG_0143

PART TWO: Building Thickness / Durability

  • I paper mache’d the handle of the staff to cover the masking tape.
  • (You can see base of staff in 2nd and 3rd photo) I then covered the entire staff (including top sections) with spakfilla, a plaster like quick drying agent used to fill cracks in walls then sanded back. This was very much an experiment using this, I had some lying around and thought I’d give it a try and it worked wonderfully – I recommend this or something similar to get a tree bark like effect.
  • Not happy with the thickness of the top branches, I opted for expandable foam to carve the design I wanted from (THIS BRAND WAS PINK!).

IMG_0151IMG_0152IMG_0153 IMG_0154IMG_0156IMG_0158IMG_0161IMG_0162IMG_0164

PART THREE – Building Texture

  • After carving the expandable foam, I then wrapped the carved foam with masking tape (again)
  • While I didnt do this in the correct order, i recommend you put the spakfilla on the masking taped areas before the water piping in the next step. You can do so afterwards but I found it difficult and the water piping popped off a lot from stress due to me trying to plaster in odd corners.
  • I then used some water system piping (smallest avaliable to me) and twined it around the top of the staff and hot glued it. I also cut some smaller pieces and hot glued them on all over the place to give a vine/twig like effect.

IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0168

PART FOUR – Painting / Tree Effects / Final Aspects

  • First i used a ready made brown (Just cheap poster paint did the job) and undercoated the entire staff except where I duct taped for the handle.
  • I then mixed a dark, dark brown and painted with a very fine brush where there were any indents, scratches, uneven parts – basically where shadows would normally occur. This was what gives a tree like effect.
  • I then used hemp twine and hot glue to wrap around the duct taped area
  • FINISHED! I plan on draping some red twine in the branches and binding a feather to hang from the handle too but thats more or less up to you!

IMG_0169 IMG_0170  IMG_0172 IMG_0173

IMG_0174 IMG_0175


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