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Morrigan Progress Diary #2 Glowing Lyrium Poultice!

Hi Hi Hi!
As its freezing over in the northern part of the world, today I was enduring heat waves in the south, Which I made good use of!

So I found THIS tutorial last night on a casual youtube cosplay procrastination act, and it inspired me to make a lyrium poultice to wear with my Morrigan cosplay! Glowing of course.

This photo was after I’ve attached the LED light facing into the water, the cork to the on/off button and duct taped around it to stabilize and prepare for any leaks.

This isΒ the bottle when the LED light is switched on and in the dark!
I hope I get to do a night time shoot with this *prays to the gods*

Aaand the end product!
In the tutorial its suggested to use a faux fur to wrap with twine, however I thought for a more Dragon Age like approach, i’d wrap it in a dark green suede I had left over from a previous project.
(It still shows its glowing in the sun!)



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