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Morrigan Progress Diary #1

Hello again chaps!
So the past two days I’ve spent working on my Morrigan cowl among other things,
I took many photos so I could easily remember what I did in case any of you needed help in making one for yourself!
Edit: This pattern I’ve since decided is not appropriate for the cosplay, I didn’t lower the neckline enough at all and i need to widen the arm hole as well. I unfortunately have to remake the base pattern, but the hood is a-ok!
ย 1. The Cowl Firstly I followed THIS tutorial on how to make a draped cowl neckline. Now when I did this, I followed their instructions of lowering the neck line 3-5 inches, ignoring what I actually wanted for my own project. Now for Morrigans cowl I’ve decided when i redraw my pattern up I will in fact lower the neckline an entire 13 or 14 inches ! (As we all know her cowl rides a little more on the risque cut neckline).


LEFT: This was basically what I ended up with. (Once I retrace my pattern I will make up a post on how to make your own of this pattern with measurements etc in case you dont have fashion blocks on hand)
The top strap is the neckline strap and the bottom is the one that will be wrapped around to the back and fastened.

RIGHT: Test toile, (smacks self in face, I SHOULD HAVE MADE THE NECKLINEย LONGER)

2. The Cowl in the correct fabric, draped on the mannequin
As you can see, its not a deep or wide enough neckline at all.
Its also too wide up top on the outer sides where arms are supposed to go, hence the need to remake the cowl section!

IMG_0123 IMG_0124Morrigan-Ogre

2. The hood!ย 
I followed this pattern for the hood and it went super smoothly, no problems! I will actually just unpick it from the neckline of my incorrect cowl pattern and attach it to the new one.




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