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Morrigan Concept Blog #1: Costume Pieces and Production Planning

Hi there!
So my current cosplay project at the moment is Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins / 2.

Being honest, Morrigan was not my favourite character in Dragon Age, In fact, I really wasn’t a big fan of her ‘tude.
I know, That makes me a little lame but I will admit she was a fantastic leading female character and I loved her pure badassery. That is the reason is why I chose to cosplay her (along with her unique design).


So the first thing I like to do when I start a new cosplay is to conceptualize the composition of the character and my process of making it:

– What pieces its made up of

– What fabrics/materials I will need

– How I will make each piece.

– The Characters facial features / Make up design

– Textures and embellishment types and how I will execute them.

Funnily enough I find this the most tedious of the entire cosplay making process, mainly because I want everything to be correct and physically possible to make.
There is nothing like getting halfway through a cosplay before realising that the staff you endured hours of labor for is flaking paint or bending where it shouldn’t because you didn’t research appropriate materials enough.
This first concept blog will be drawing up what her character design is and what pieces I will need!


When I pick a cosplay to do, I try and see whether my face / body type is suitable enough for the character to be given justice. I have quite an unusual eye shape (hooded) and a unique body type that really only suits certain design types unfortunately.However luckily enough, looking through the concept pictures and in game images I realized that Morrigan is quite similar to me in facial features, simply just sharper.
I decided to do a test Make up of Morrigan to make sure I could pull of her character as well as I imagined.

After posting this I had a lot of feedback from friends which was mostly “MORE DRAMATIC”
I agree with them. When i do a second make up test I’ll definitely go more crazy on the darkened eyeshadow and I will enlarge my bottom lip with some lip liner artistry too.

1269622-morr2 Morrigan_profile
COLOUR: The in game colour of the cowl is actually a burgandy/maroon colour, however in most concept arts and designs its a deep purple with a burgundy-like undertone. Almost every cosplay I have seen of Morrigan that I’ve liked has the cowl in purple so I think I’ll go with my gut on this one and use a purple jersey. The bikini will be a light grey and I will colour the straps black.

FABRIC: The design of a cowl is very drape based, it would be very difficult to pull off a satin (I don’t know why anyone would use a satin for this cowl though.) or cotton drill with this draping at the front. anything too shiny or slippery will look really unflattering and as shiny fabrics go with cosplay – cheap. using a cotton drill or a woven fabric won’t be likely to succeed either due to its stiff nature and how easily creased it is. The best bet and most possible would be to use a stretch jersey or a simple stretch fabric for a design like this.  Ill add a hood using the pattern from one of my cloak patterns.

PATTERN: I’ve found this tutorial which is super helpful because as I am trained in patternmaking, its made from a block pattern (you can make your own block patterns by purchasing a block construction book) which then uses the cut and spread method. I’ll do a test on a stretch fabric I have left over from a previous project.

For the bikini I am leaning towards going out and buying a grey bikini then colouring the straps/adding beads etc afterwards. This is because of the, ahem, voluptuousness of my chest area which I don’t want to risk on a poor sewing mistake or decision.



COLOUR: Black and grey tones are obvious here.

FABRICS: I will probably purchase some faux leather for the skirt and its embellishments and I think I ill purchase or make some faux leather leggings for the tights and use some paint effects on them rather than put a lot of effort and money into a piece that will hardly be seen.

PATTERN: The skirt I will simply draft up myself using my blocks and test pieces, its a pretty easy piece to make as it is wrap around and you dont have to worry about putting a zipper in or buttons alignment etc.

1269622-morr2 theshtes

COLOUR: Black under sleeve with dark green bracer, black shoulder pauldron and green and black feathers. The other glove is black.

FABRICS: I will probably use a jersey for the sleeve, that way I can make it smaller than my arm girth and it will stay up by being tight. the bracer I will probably try and make a craft foam bracer than a green jersey cover for it. the shoulder pauldron I may make an attempt at worbla and craft foam. I will make the glove from jersey or deluxe stretch satin (not shiny)

PATTERN: so, when making arm bands/warmers, you really don’t need a professional pattern for this. I mean, go for it if you want to but if you dont have one, there is no need to buy one. Simply a rectangle of fabric measured by your widest arm girth and a seam will do. then you can put it on inside out, pin where its too large and take in the seam a little further. For the glove I will go and buy a pattern, then chop off the tips of the fingers for the fingerless look.

ACCESSORIES: The necklace and bracelet I will be using worbla and following this tutorial,
SHOES: Ill buy some boots from Big w probably then add the embellishments.


Staff_concept_art works_0013

So for the staff, I am leaning towards doing the design from the bottom picture, I prefer it visually and I think it would be a lot more fun and worth creating than the one on the far right I was GOING to do.

I will use the handle of a long broom and coat it with paper mache tree root like effects throughout the entire piece by scrunching pieces of newspaper up into rolls. I will do the top of the staff by using expandable foam and carving the desired shape, paper macheing it then priming it and painting it. I want to add a handle like effect around the top/mid section by wrapping a length of black cord around it continuously.


Hopefully you learnt a thing or two with my concept of my Morrigan making process!
Photos will be posted along with an explanation of how the prop or piece was actually made (things don’t always go according to plan!)


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