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Waterloo Miss Fortune Cosplay (League of Legends)

This cosplay was made in June 2014

March 2014 

I made this cosplay for Supanova Sydney 2013, It was probably the first thing I had sewn for myself since starting my sewing course this year and you can definitely tell the difference from previous costumes and this one.

WIP Photos.

The Jacket
I used Simplicity 3685 for this jacket,
I altered it to suit the design of the splashart, (changed the collar type and removed the fluting of the skirt to make it more fitted.)
I wish I’d done lace for the sleeve ends, but this is what I ended up with and I’m still quite proud of this. Probably the first costume I was confident and pleased with while and after I wore it.

The Details

If I could go back and not choose the round Christmas decoration craft rope (inside the red section) for detail I would. It was awful to sew on and it frayed immediately (mind you that’s more my lack of understanding how to finish embellishments at that point)

I wish I’d rolled the ends of the gold edging when I’d sewn this too, but i again, wasn’t really educated on the ways of fraying embellishments yet.

The Hat
This hat took so much work,
The photo on the left is just of the prototype I made which failed (drill and wire was too floppy as you can see).
The photo on the right shows my end product which was the strongest interfacing I could find and felt.
I used this tutorial:
Napoleon Bicorn hat tutorial

 The GunsI KNOW these are pretty horrible to look at. These were the first props I had made and considering that I think they look okay.
I made these from plastic toy guns covered in expandable foam and carved. the yellow details are craft foam cut and painted.

Finished Product Photos!
(I cannot remember who took which photo 😦 If anyone knows the photographers or recognises their work please let me know)


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