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Insurgency Harley Quinn Cosplay

 May 2014
This was a very small budget and last minute cosplay.  I decided about three weeks before the convention to make it (WHAT A GREAT IDEA, Nah).

Unfortunately I haven’t really got any WIP photos except for the hammer and my make up test.

The Hammer

I plan on making a tutorial on how i made the hammer if the demand is high enough, but I did a similar process to this Hammer Tutorial. The main difference however is that I actually used a yoga mat for the exterior with some thinner craft foam for the lengths on the sides and middle. I found this made it far sturdier and a less bumpy finish.The handle is made from a rod of balsa wood which ended up being a lot more expensive than I thought it would be but I’m too scared of cashiers to take back an item after its been scanned so here we are. However I will admit its light weight made it a lot easier to carry around the con than I imagine the one I made for my burlesque harley quinn which had a metal broom handle would be.

Make Up Test + Mask

The Make up was pretty straightforward,
I used stargazer white powder and Mehron cream blend stick for the foundation job,
The lipstick was Lime Crimes Velveteen ‘Wicked’
As for how I did the eyes, its literally my everyday eye make up so I dont even know how to describe it. I am however wearing false eyelashes.The mask I made from super thin craft foam.
I drew the shape I wanted in paper and then traced it onto the craft foam and cut it out.
I dont actually own a heat gun or even a hair dryer so I actually microwaved it..
and then once it was warm through I actually pressed it onto my face and moulded it like that until it was cool. I had to do this a few times for it to stay in shape.
Afterwards I just used acrylic paints on it to make it black (If you have the option of spray paint, do it, I cannot use spray paint because I live in an apartment and have no where to do it without damaging someones property).
Finished Product
Threw this in there for the memory. My brother actually surprised me by 1. being there and 2. with tickets to get a signature from Stan lee for my birthday. This was the first time i’d seen my brother in four or five months.

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