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Burlesque / Cabaret Harley Quinn

July/August 2014
This cosplay was actually made for Oc Comicon Sydney 2014 but unfortunately after making it I ended up not being able to go. So I haven’t actually got any professional or good quality shots of this finished costume however I have a shoot planned for this costume super soon.

Edit: I think its safe to say I wont be doing another Harley Quinn after this cosplay gets its photos taken. Its not that I don’t love Harley Quinn, Its just that as a seamstress I want to challenge myself with every project and Harley Quinns designs are usually not very complicated or embellished. I also want to do something fresh and exciting for people to see and unfortunately Harley Quinn has been a very very popular and a tad overdone one for a long long time. (Please take no offence if you are cosplaying or plan to cosplay her yourself, Its a wonderful experience to get under your belt and this is just a personal opinion)

WIP Photos

The Bustle Skirt
For the bustle skirt I used Burda 7880 which I followed pretty religiously, I didn’t alter it much.
The only thing I really changed was the height of the front skirt, the addition of the ruffles and the way I bustled it. Because the instructions for this pattern are seriously sparse when it came to the bustling I ended up just taking it into my own hands and hanging three pieces of bias binding strip (thick) from the waistband on the inside and actually hand basting random lengths of the fabric to a higher location on the bias that was on the inside. it worked well enough.

The HatI made the hat following this tutorial
its made from yoga mat/craft foam and a bunch of just random things I could stick on it.
It was pretty straightforward and I’m super happy with it!
The only way I could get it to sit on my head was to attach a cross of elastic that i could use to pin to my wig.

The Goggles
While these were on my initial design drawing, and I made them, they aren’t actually included in the final costume because when I made the hat, i forgot where they were supposed to sit and I didn’t want them covering up the J I had on the hat.
I used This tutorial to make them!

The Hammer
I used the same tutorial I did for my Insurgency Harley Quinn Hammer but slightly differed,
for this one I used Styrofoam balls and cut them in half to make the bolts on the outside! I also used a broom handle that was metal and a lot thinner which i liked more too (unfortunately not con appropriate, but then again neither is this costume).

Other Photos


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